Branding & logo design

Branding & logo design

2/3 business say brand consistency has contributed to 10% or more revenue growth*

Branding defines who you are and how your customers perceive you. Good branding can help you stand out from your competitors, stay consistent across all your marketing, and build a reputable relationship with customers.

Working with Tweak on your branding

As a branding and digital marketing agency, we create brands that connect with people and make sure you stand out. We understand how strategy, logo design and overall brand identity can define the success of an organisation, and we have the creative insight to design powerful, compelling, and innovative brands.

Our branding services

Brand strategy 

Specific long-term plan for all branding elements

Brand design

Designing a unique identity for your brand

Logo design services 

A graphic design to represent your brand

Brand guidelines

 How to communicate your brand

Brand positioning

Where you will be positioned in the minds of your audience

Brand vision & value

To guide future activities and behaviour of your business

Our branding & logo work


Branding basically means the process of creating a brand. It involves clear positioning of your company or your product in the market. This can include creating a name, defining your ‘tone of voice’, and designing your business identity such as your logo and brand guidelines.
A brand is much more than a logo! It’s important to get the logo right as it’s a visual representation of your business and tells your customers about your business quickly, but logos alone can’t tell your customers your story. The right branding describes who you are and what you do and defines who you target and how you target them.

Branding is the centre of your marketing strategy and is necessary to establish who you are as a brand. Whereas marketing in general, includes processes and strategies to promote your products/services to create brand awareness.

Your brand is more than just a logo and a tagline – your brand needs its own persona and a voice to match it. Every time your business posts on social, responds to post, advertises etc. you are using your brand voice. Brand voice is extremely important – a strong consistent brand voice helps build trust amongst your audience and can boost sales. Inconsistency, however, makes for a bad user experience and damages customer relationships.

Having a logo that is well designed and ties into your brand identity is important to represent your business as it is what your audience will see first. First impressions count and it is vital to make a good one!
Your logo helps you to stand out against your competitors and (believe it or not!) the shape and colour will impact on how your customers perceive your brand image.
With our expertise in branding and logo design we can create a strong brand strategy, capture your brands identity and find your tone of voice. Our high-quality branding process involves understanding the market, competitors and industry, creating a mood board to decide colours, fonts and look and feel, creating a logo that is memorable and much more! We often start with a branding workshops where we all get together to clarify who you are and who your target market is.


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