Gurt Wings

A delectable online store


Gurt Wings specialises in fried chicken, sides and an array of delectable sauces, they take pride in crafting mouth-watering dishes that leave taste buds tingling. Whether serving up at festivals, events, or pop-ups, Gurt Wings brings people together over their shared love of fried chicken and unforgettable flavours.


  • Brand development

  • Ecommerce website build

  • Marketing strategy

  • Website design and copy

  • SEO

The solution

Elevate Gurt Wings’ brand presence and online visibility while enhancing their customer experience through a comprehensive strategy. This involved developing a captivating brand identity for Gurt Wings’, as well as creating a distinctive “Gurt Sauces” version of the logo.

Additionally, to cater to their diverse offerings, we designed and built two tailored, SEO optimised websites to drive organic traffic. The first showcased their mouth-watering menu, providing customers with a glimpse of their delicious offerings and locations of their truck. The second was an ecommerce platform specifically for Gurt Sauces and Salts, featuring a user-friendly interface and seamless online ordering functionality.

The result

• Launched D2C sauce brand.
• Increased brand recognition and online visibility.
• Enhanced customer experience across the websites, which results in improved sales and conversions.

The outcome

Increased keywords on page 1 of Google by over 100%

Over 500 orders placed, increasing month on month