HOMErs Global

Modular Homes for Modern Times


HOMErs is a modular housing company committed to revolutionising the way homes are built while addressing pressing global challenges. Their innovative modular homes not only offer sustainable and affordable solutions but also play a vital role in helping the refugee housing crisis. By utilising modular construction methods, they can quickly adapt homes to changing needs and lifestyles, providing flexible and customisable living spaces that cater to diverse requirements.

Whether it’s addressing social housing needs or offering modern lifestyle living options, HOMErs is at the forefront of creating sustainable, adaptable, and high-quality homes for a better future.


  • Website design and copy

  • Investment campaign launch

  • Branded content

  • Blogs

  • SEO

  • Social media

  • Webinars

  • Emails

The solution

Our objective was to elevate HOMErs’ brand presence, attract investment, and raise awareness about their innovative modular housing solutions. We crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy that emphasised HOMErs’ commitment to sustainability, affordability, and social impact.

Through a visually appealing website, engaging branded content, informative blogs, and targeted SEO efforts, we positioned HOMErs as a leader in the modular housing industry. Additionally, our social media presence, webinars, and email campaigns helped to engage and educate stakeholders about HOMErs’ mission and offerings.

The result

  • Successfully launched a Seedrs investment campaign, attracting significant funding for HOMErs’ expansion and innovation projects.
  • Increased brand visibility and engagement across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram leading to a growing community of followers and potential customers/ investors.
  • Improved website traffic and search engine rankings through strategic SEO implementation, resulting in increased inquiries and leads.
  • Hosted well-received webinars that positioned HOMErs as thought leaders in modular housing, fostering trust and credibility among stakeholders.
  • Achieved high open and click-through rates for email campaigns, driving investor interest and customer inquiries about HOMErs’ modular housing solutions.

The outcome

Quadrupled ranking keywords

Increased keywords on page 1 of Google by over 100%

Email open rates 26% above industry average