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Free SEO Audit

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective ways to drive people to your site. If you can get your site onto the first page of Google results, it will open up excellent opportunities for you and your business.

Google rankings are becoming more competitive each year, with so many different factors to determine which sites should rank highest, that it can get difficult to manage!

Using Tweak’s SEO audit, we can perform a detailed website analysis in order to help you understand where your website could be improved for better performance and positioning on Google.

With out services we can help improve your overall website performance. Not only can we provide you with a website analysis, but we can also help in keyword planning, content planning & creation, plus so much more. In turn you will be rewarded with a strong customer base and increased lead generation.

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What we look for

Our Website Audit thoroughly crawls your website to find any potential site errors or problems that may be affecting your ability to rank! We look for important SEO factors including:

Broken links (404 errors)

Duplicate pages, titles & tags

Incorrect pages in sitemap

Sitemap not found

Missing H1 headings

No HTTPS encryption

Slow page load speeds

Low page word counts

Our website checker finds your site’s weaknesses so you can deliver an enhanced user experience, for better performance and rankings across search engines. This can result in a significant increase in web traffic!

Leading SEO Tools

We use the latest SEO tools to provide clear recommendations in order for you to improve your online presence and to rank better in Google search.

Our SEO checker provides an easy to follow report of your website, letting you know what’s good and bad.

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