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Pioneering Emotionally Intelligent Marketing for greater results & customer loyalty

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At Tweak, we are pioneering Emotionally Intelligent Marketing (EIM). We believe if you are emotionally conscious of how you market to your customers, you will be rewarded with strong customer loyalty and more sales leads; all-in-all contributing to a positive outlook.

Our emotionally intelligent marketing strategy is dedicated to delivering your objectives and enhancing your digital presence.

We can develop integrated and strategic marketing plans to build a long-term pipeline of leads for you.

How do we do this?

We don’t want to give away all our secrets – but we use powerful brand listening tools and real–time data to understand what people are saying about you and how they interact with your website.

Armed with these key insights, we can create marketing messages that resonate.

EIM builds on the ability to recognise, understand, monitor and respond to your customer needs and feelings towards your products and brand at every touchpoint – using this insight to guide marketing strategy.

It highlights what customers presently think and what their concerns are – as well as providing the ability to pre-test the emotional response of content whilst tracking that content on every media once you go live, providing an overall measure of the brand love they feel.



Optimise your digital presence across every customer online touchpoint. Creating brands that differentiate and stand for something real.



Utilising a suite of modern tools and media to create, build and execute targeted, multi-channel campaigns that deliver astonishing results.



Delivering insightful and engaging content to boost your online presence and increase your company’s visibility on the web.