5 Marketing Trends That Are Sticking Around

Brand awareness and successfully engaging your customers are the keys to good marketing. But as the years roll by and technology develops, the ways to do this evolve. It’s important for businesses to stay ahead of the game on trends, as early adopters are sure to get the best results.

As we have whizzed through the beginning of 2019, we have been looking at the marketing trends that are set to be big this year.

Video Isn’t Going Anywhere

Video may not be anything new, but it sets to continue its importance in engaging with customers and building brand presence. Nowadays video is not just part of marketing strategy, but often needs a strategy of its own. Just look at the facts:

  • 70% of consumers have shared a brand video and 72% of business say having video has improved their conversion rate. *
  • 52% of consumers of consumers say watching product videos makes them more confidence when it comes to online purchase decisions.**

Data and metrics mean that now we are able to delve deeper than ever into how videos are performing. Statistics can show us everything from how long people watch for, key points people drop off the video, and how many conversions a video gets. This helps to tailor and edit the videos to improve each of these stats and make sure the video performs. With good video production and an eye on the metrics, video can continue to work for brands in 2019.

Everyone’s Talking To Digital Assistants and Chatbots

Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana are becoming more accessible to the general public and they changing the way people access information. 2019 is the year brands need to get on board. Digital assistants give marketers an opportunity for more personalised messaging and content, and reaching consumers more directly than ever. They need to start making their content more conversational to match peoples speaking style and natural language SEO will become more important. Over the next year, there is likely to be more ad opportunities using smart speakers as well.

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So, the machines are taking over, but its no time to panic! Instead, marketers need to learn how to use AI and automation to their benefit. AI makes data analysis more instant and helps you monitor consumers online patterns to understand their behaviour.

Chatbots are getting more and more sophisticated as time goes on, and give brands the chance to give customers a more personalised service without needing the manpower. They can answer questions and fulfil requests more quickly, giving your user a better customer service experience.

Engaging Content Marketing

Content marketing has always been important and 2019 will be no different. But in the digital age having engaging, interesting or fun content that people want to share is important. Instead of just putting content in front of your potential customers, you want to inspire them, start a discussion and appeal to their emotions. Many brands, such as Iceland’s with their deforestation Christmas advert, and Gilettes recent rally against toxic masculinity are taking on important and sometimes controversial subjects to spark debate. Whether this association is positive for the brand or not it’s clear that content needs dig deeper to have an impact.


Brands are moving away from celebrities and the big players in online influencing. Consumers want to hear from their peers more and more rather than celebrities who are paid to promote many products. For example, Iceland recently moved from celebrity endorsements to real people. They found that their customers trusted other mothers above anything else, so they utilised their stories and endorsement to build their authority. Brands need to spend less time hunting down the influencer with the biggest audience, and more time focusing on what their customers will respond to. This also means that brands can avoid the significantly high cost of working with high level influencers and invest in more relatable micro-influencers.

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Security and Transparency

With GDPR in full force, and people more aware of the importance of their own data, investing in your security is important for your relationship with your customers. By being transparent about how you use data and your own security measures, confidence in your brand will rise. In a world where people are cautious about hacking and leaks, they will favour brands that can offer them the safest experience.

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