What Can Influencers Do for Your Business?

Influencers tend to be extremely active on social media and have a large following. The most powerful influencers affect the way others will look at things. They are opinionated and authoritative leaders and their followers tend to be subtly influenced by their shared content. This influence is enough to really assist in your brand presence and business growth!

In the modern world, we are all bombarded constantly with adverts and promotions. This largely means that we switch off and don’t pay attention. However, using influencers provides a better way to cut through all the noise. Many influencers have a large following by talking about themselves, their ideas and their thoughts. They are not necessarily selling, but they may mention a brand within a conversational piece more subtly. They can be humorous, conversational and subconsciously we are listening and absorbing. They only need to include your brand/products and discuss their benefits or relevance to get the consumer thinking.

Social media is the obvious way of communicating with your potential customers and using an influencer to do this for you is even better. They are usually all over social media and their content is often shared, discussed and liked!

How To Find An Influencer

The best way to find an influencer is by doing some research. Try googling for bloggers in the general theme of your business or product that could fit the brand. Hashtags are also an important way to find these influencers, and searching the relevant hashtags will find people who repeatedly post content. Once you have found some influencers you are interested in, make sure you check that they post regularly, how many followers they have and that their overall brand fits yours.

Can Influencers Improve SEO?

There are many ways that influencers can improve your SEO. When an influencer mentions your brand, on social media or on their website, it is normally with a backlink to your website. Backlinks are one of the best ways to increase the SEO of your website, and of course, increased traffic from the mention helps too. The more brand awareness you create from working with an influencer, the more you will see improvement in your website rankings. Just make sure the mentions are relevant and ‘on brand’.

Genuine Reviews

Genuine reviews from a genuine person are key to growing your business. In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from other people over brand advertisements. They are crucial, and working with an influencer to review your product or brand is a great way to achieve this. Make sure you engage with the influencer and they engage with the brand. There is no point just paying someone to say what you want, you need to make sure that their love of the brand is genuine so that this translates to the audience. The more genuine it is, the more it will lead their followers to your brand.

Benefits Of Working With Influencers

As well as increased SEO and brand awareness, there are many more benefits of working with an influencer:

  • Their experts in their field, hence being influencers! Choose your influencer wisely, and their expertise will be associated with your brand giving you authority and boosting your reputation.
  • We all want customer loyalty, and influencers already have it. By endorsing your product, the loyalty of their followers can transfer to you.
  • You could go viral! This does happen on occasion, and it increases visibility, web traffic and brand awareness!
  • They can reverse any negative publicity. This usually doesn’t happen overnight, but they can assist in changing negative association into positive.
  • Working with an influencer creating a quality campaign associates you as a brand that produces great content.

What Influencer Do You Choose?

This all depends on what kind of content you need or are looking for:

  • Industry experts – knowledgeable and respected within their industry
  • Salesman – these guys have power! They are salesmen and marketing experts lead the charge!
  • Networkers – connections! Their network is huge and some are celebrities
  • Social Media Stars – they are the future after all!

There are many different types of influencers and benefits to working with them. Through research and careful selection, you can ensure the right influencers deliver what your brand needs.