Google website ranking

Trying to work out how to get your website to appear in front of your audience can be tricky and a little overwhelming. Even when you think you have created the perfect website, your authority score says otherwise! Google is the most visited website with over 99,000 searches every single second, resulting in around 8.5 billion searches a day, so you can understand why it may be a little competitive trying to get your website to rank on page 1 [1]. However, it is possible to do, and we are going to help you!

So, let’s start with what you may be doing wrong and how we can correct it:

1. Your website hasn’t been indexed by Google

Your webpages need to be indexed to ensure that it is capable of appearing on Google’s SERP. There are two ways you can do this, the first is to upload your sitemap to Google and the second way is by manually indexing each page through Google Search Console.

How to Submit a Sitemap?

2. Slow loading pages

Google hates a slow loading website just as much as your users, that’s why speed is a significant ranking factor. You can check your average page loading speed on Google Analytics and pinpoint which pages are taking too long. The optimal loading time for conversions is between 0 -2 seconds according to HubSpot [2]

3. Old web content full of the wrong keywords

Google may be smart, but it doesn’t know what your company is about until you tell it. Using the keywords people are searching for throughout H1 headings and the content of your site is the first step to ensuring that the site ranks well.

Trends are always changings and Google is always looking for the most valuable and reliable website to show on their results page, so make sure you are refreshing your content to include relevant, topical and keyword rich content.

Free keyword research tool: Google Keyword Planner

4. Your website works on desktop but is lacking mobile friendliness

Having a website with a strong performance on mobile and desktop is incredibly important, so important in fact that Google has moved to a mobile first indexing. This means that their search bots look at your how your website functions on mobile before the desktop version.

Test if your website is mobile friendly with this free tool from Google

5. Low authority backlinks

If you have a website, you should know just how important backlinks are when trying to build your authority on Google. The more backlinks you have, the better, but there’s one very vital rule to abide by, quality over quantity! Having links from toxic and spammy websites can hurt your site as you will be penalised by Google.

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