SEO is one of the first steps you need to take to improve your lead generation. By optimising your site across search engines you are helping potential leads find your business.

Once you have managed to capture the interest of new leads, how can you nurture them for your future pipeline? These are our top tips to nurture your leads:

Stay in Touch

Email marketing is one of the best ways for your business to reach out to new leads and retain clients. Reaching out directly with a personalised approach is 6 times more likely to generate revenue than a non-personalised email.

Using triggered emails enables your business to communicate quickly with valuable leads that have communicated their interest, nurturing them to maintain their interest.

Engage your Leads

Keeping your leads engaged with informative sticky content that they want to read shows off your expertise and answers the questions they are asking.

As your leads get to know you, they will become more receptive. You could nurture your leads further by sending a personalised email that includes targeted content that meets their interest, to show your added value.

Regularly review

Don’t leave your leads and clients to contact you. Follow up with them for a regular review to see what more you can offer to support them.

Discuss results from previous campaigns, and present your value. Take on board their new business challenges and goals, and show how your services can help them achieve their new objectives.

Stay Social

Your leads will look across multiple channels to get to know your business. Having a fully optimised user-friendly site will enhance their experience, but if your other channels don’t meet the same standard their overall experience will be disconnected.

Maintain and nurture new leads by helping them connect and engage with you through social channels. Keep your LinkedIn and Facebook active with mixed media that will capture interest. Shareable content will keep your leads interested in you.

Having a site that brings in a pipeline of leads for you is the jumping off point to engage with new potential clients. Keep connected and take the time to deliver content that captures their interest.

Tweak can help you deliver targeted sticky content, engaging email campaigns and build social feeds that encourage engagement.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you nurture your new leads.