SEO has become one of the most effective marketing strategies of inbound marketing. It is therefore crucial to understand the benefits that SEO can bring to your business. This ranges from bringing more traffic to your site, to providing a better user experience for those visiting.

The digital landscape is constantly changing, but SEO has remained an effective and important marketing strategy. The benefits of having a good SEO campaign are countless, but we’ve outlined the top 5 for you to look at!

Better Visibility

The most common advantage of having a good SEO strategy is that you will have an increased visibility in search engines. Having a better visibility will have two major impacts on your site and company. The first is that you will have increased traffic towards your site. The higher your position on the Google search engine results page, the more impressions and clicks you will get, and this will result in a significant traffic increase.

The second impact that having better visibility will have is an increased brand awareness. Similarly to the above, having significant more impressions will translate to more exposure for your website. The more your pages ranks in high positions in search engines, the more chance you have of being seen by a wider audience and therefore this will increase people’s awareness of your brand.

Better User Experience

SEO is not only about optimising your site for search engines, but is also about improving the user experience too. By making your website easier to navigate for search engines, you will at the same time be making your website simpler to traverse for users as well.

Good SEO will involve rearranging the site’s architecture to make it easier to find certain pages on your website. This makes it easier for the search engines to crawl your site, but also has the added benefit of making it easier for users to find information at the same time.

By having a well-structured site you will decrease the bounce rate and increase the length of time users spend on your site. This makes the user happy but will also please Google, as they want to provide people with the best quality information they can!

Better ROI

As SEO optimised sites load faster, and are easier to read and navigate, you’ll be more likely to grab and hold the attention of the visitor. They will thus be more likely to become customers or return to your site in the future.

Using SEO is also a highly analytical process, but it also allows you to track almost every aspect of the strategy. This includes analysis on increases in ranking, traffic, and conversions.

It also allows you to see what paths users took in order to complete a sale, which involves seeing what keyword they used in order to find you. This can also be done when a user complete conversions such as “contact forms” or downloads on your site.

Consequently, you’ll have trackable and quantifiable results in order to continually improve your SEO. By using these analytics you can therefore see what keywords are working for your site, and optimise your SEO strategy based on this.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy as it’s aimed at users who are already looking for your products or services. As these users are actively searching, the traffic that results from SEO is more qualified that other marketing strategies. This therefore results in far less money being spent on SEO strategies.

Using techniques such as PPC can bring in faster traffic and sales, but you will be forced to pay for all that traffic. SEO on the other hand provides a long term, cost effective, and energy efficient way of bringing in new users to your site. It might take time to reach the top of the search engines, but staying at the top will bring in an extended flow of users.

Long-Lasting Effect

Unlike PPC, when using SEO you pay nothing for the visitors you get from search engines. Pages that are high in search engines will continue to bring visitors to your site, this therefore will give you a long-term advantage. If your pages are considered valuable, then they can stay in the top results for months and possibly even years. And because it’s cost effective, you will be able to maintain these SEO strategies for a long time!


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