In a world where remote working is becoming more commonplace, business success can depend on having a strong online presence and attracting the right visitors to your website. Despite this, many companies are not maximising their search engine opportunities and as a result, holding back potential growth. By using a number of SEO techniques in tandem, you are more likely to improve your website ranking for key searches online. As a result, you will attract relevant website traffic and potential leads.

Here are 7 key long-term strategies you can employ to support lead generation by making your website visible and optimised for search engines.

1. Start with high performance web design

Before you start attracting traffic to your website you need to make sure it is designed with User Experience best practices in mind. Is your website visually-appealing, clear, intuitive, accessible to all and can the user easily find the information that they need? High performance web design is optimised to generate an action… every section and page should have a purpose-to lead the visitor further towards a sale or enquiry.

2. Lead with the right keywords on your website

The key to success is ensure your website is structured and focuses on the keywords that users are searching for related to your services. Use these keywords in URLs, H1 headings, body copy and on meta descriptions and image tags. This is a way to enhance your current website to ensure you are maximising the possibility of search engine visitors to your website.

3. Publish regular informative information and content

The best way to build long term traffic and boost search rankings is to make your website an authoritative source of information, answering your target customers most frequently asked questions. By producing regular blogs and articles that are of interest to your audience, you will increase your reputation in the eyes of Google. Ensure that any new content that you add is researched beforehand for SEO.

4. Boost your local marketing presence

By increasing the local related content and connections on your website you will improve your local visibility and appear in more local searches which is especially important for those that offer services to specific areas in the nearby vicinity:

  • List your business in online directories
  • Encourage Google reviews from happy customers
  • Try to acquire backlinks from credible local companies such as local media
  • Promote local business information such as Opening hours, address using Google Maps and contact details

5. Include high profile lead magnets

By including attractive content and offers, you may help to increase your potential leads. You may wish to offer free eBooks, videos or promotions which can enhance visitors’ experience on your website. Make sure that you include this content in your meta descriptions so the user is more likely to click on your website in the search engine results.

6. Build up relevant backlinks

Backlinks show Google what others think of your website. Building up backlinks can be a laborious process but it may be worth it. There are several ways to do this. You can either produce top-class content and share it so that other websites may potentially pick it up, ask your contacts to share on their websites, or pay a link-building agency to set this up for you.

7. Measure and refine your website

This is especially important. By really understanding what is happening every month on your website, you can then put the right measures in place to improve your organic presence further. Use Google Analytics, Search Console and other tools to understand your organic traffic and pinpoint opportunities going forward.

Generating quality leads from your website using SEO takes time and resource and ideally you would allow for this to ensure you maximise the potential that search engines can offer going forward. Once you build momentum, your business will reap the rewards!