A new year, a new decade and new marketing challenges. Marketing changes quickly in the digital age and there are many new hurdles to overcome. The complexity of marketing today was unimaginable when internet was taking off 20 years ago. Now marketeers find themselves drowning in data, struggling with search engine algorithms, dominance of digital communication on millions of devices, and confusion on how to get the best ROI from marketing budgets.

Our 10 digital marketing tips are here to help your marketing evolve to create new opportunities:

Appear in Google top positions

It’s all about quality content and a clear user experience on your website. Answer the queries that your users are searching for in Google, and then answer the questions that they haven’t thought to ask yet.

Utilise Data Insights

Make decisions using your data – not personal judgement. Maximise your use of analytics and planning tools and build your marketing strategy using clear customer insights.

Brand Purpose and Trust

In a world with increasing cyber threats and fake news, focus on transparency, compliance and clarity of your message. If you make a mistake, admit it, apologise and try to rectify it.

Consumer Conscious Content

Google pays a lot of attention to ‘Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness’. Post fresh, authentic content that is
suitable for your users.

Personalisation Increases Engagement

Personalised online experiences can increase the loyalty of your customers. Target users with relevant information that is appropriate to their stage in the buying cycle.

Achieve Search Positions with SEO and Snippets

Ensure that you use Paid and Organic in tandem. Give SEO the focus and attention that it needs and you will reap the rewards medium-term.  Use Paid to fill in the gaps, for campaigns and to gain competitor advantage.

Voice Search SEO is Rising

20% of searches are through smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Home. Think about the differences in the way people talk to how they write and how that can convey their intent. Write suitable web copy for this.


Always keep an eye on your competition and allow your marketing to be agile. Have your own objectives but move speedily to respond to your competitors if necessary.

Prove ROI From Traffic to Converting Leads

Track your customer journey and use web tools to understand your attribution. Which channels drive traffic to your site and on which channels do your users convert into customers?

Digital Transformation Gets Faster

The digital world is evolving, so brands need to be agile and fluid. Ensure that you have a full picture of your website, its visitors, what’s working and what isn’t.