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Women in business: 6 ways to bridge the confidence gap

Are fear and self–doubt getting in the way of your business? You’re definitely not alone! Studies show that when compared with men, women will often tend to minimize their impact and abilities, underestimate their test scores, and not consider themselves ready for a promotion.

As a female business owner, I can certainly understand how hard it can be for some women to overcome gender hurdles and the confidence gap in business and the workplace. Because sharing advice and connecting are high up on my list of New Year’s resolutions, here are my success tips for a thriving 2016!

1. Find your value and tell a story

Appeal to the right side of your customer’s brain. How will your brand resolve a problem? How will you enable people and make a difference in the world?

2. Revamp your digital branding

A consistent and multi-media rich presence across various digital channels is essential for your business to survive today and tomorrow. Your content outlets must be mobile optimized, rich and responsive, forge links, maintain a consistent brand image and build sales pipelines!

3. Adopt the right marketing tools

Use real-time data and web analytics to develop a closer understanding of how web visitors are interacting with your site. Tweak can provide you with the tools, real-time data and leads to increase the revenue you get from your marketing input.

4. Build muscle

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and make your business stand out. Don’t be afraid of the unknown. Don’t sit tight. Pursue that deal. Don’t wait for a promotion; ask for it. This year is the year that you take the plunge.

5. Find mentors and make new friends

Positive relationships with your employees, suppliers and customers are good for your business and good for the soul. Join a network of women–owned businesses like WE Connect and surround yourself with like-minded industry professionals to build new connections and a support network.

6. Go mobile

Now everyone’s connected on his or her smartphone. A high impact mobile–responsive website must be at the heart of your brand. The days are gone when businesses could be successful without embracing mobile and new online channels.  To succeed, you must have an app and a responsive and engaging website that works across all devices!

What next?

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