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Digital Marketing Agency Surrey

Digital Marketing Agency Surrey

Digital Marketing Agency Surrey

What Is Digital Marketing and why is it important?

The aim of digital marketing is to deliver more qualified traffic to your website and increase conversions, whether that be sales, enquiries, or downloads.

It’s important to increase your visibility online by using inbound techniques for your existing website, such as social media and SEO, including technical SEO and content addressing what your customers are searching for. Outbound digital marketing techniques include advertising on Google or Social Media channels. Advertising should be based on research to segment and target the right audience, just like in traditional media.

Customer loyalty – digital marketing gives you the opportunity to stay connected to your audience through social media platforms, email marketing and other tactics.

Understand your audience – with digital marketing you are given access to detailed insights about your target audience which can then be used to help optimise your marketing.

Better conversion rates – having a strong digital presence will help increase conversion rates, with 84% of consumers being more likely to buy from a brand they follow.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Agency

We offer broad expertise in Digital Marketing with specialists in Search (SEO and PPC), social media and Email. All of our content and digital marketing decisions are based on data and analysis, from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush, Hotjar, Hootsuite and Social Media Analytics.

With ongoing SEO and Digital Marketing enhancements, we can ensure that you are maximising your traffic opportunities and driving as many leads as possible to your site. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients and feel that it’s especially important to bear business priorities and intricacies in mind when setting a Digital Marketing strategy.

Our Digital Marketing services include:

  • Technical SEO – technical requirements of your website
  • Content SEO – the copy and structure of your website
  • Google PPC – pay-per-click advertising
  • Email Content – the design, structure and copy of your email
  • Email Marketing – the use of email to advertise products, services, or promotions
  • Social Media Content – graphics/video/text created for your social media platforms

  • Social Media Posting – publishing your social content
  • Community Management – engaging and building relationships with your online audience


There are many platforms, media types and processes that all contribute to a successful digital marketing strategy for growing your business. The global audience and numerous possibilities that the internet gives us, enables your business to connect and build relationships with potential customers all over the world.
The purpose of a marketing campaign is to promote your brand, this can be done through multiple platforms and media, or with a focus on certain platforms depending on where your audience is most engaged.
Ensuring that the campaign adds value to your business and can be measured is the most important factor in a successful marketing campaign. At Tweak everything is in house therefore we offer you integrated campaigns that give you best the results across many platforms and media channels.
By fully tracking your campaign through Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, SEM Rush, Hotjar and Social Media Analytics, you can understand what is working and what isn’t. You can then use that data to learn and adapt your campaign, ensuring you get the best results for your money.
Online platforms offer a range of different audiences that are at different stages in their sales journey. The best way to fully understand where your money is best spent is to take a deep dive into your website data and your competitors to form a digital marketing strategy and focus your money where you will get the best results.
Yes! Having a digital presence is more important than ever for your businesses to thrive, now and in the future.

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