Creative & design

Creative & design

94% of first impressions are design-related *

Good design is imperative to your marketing. It’s the first thing people notice when they interact with your brand, and it helps you to build a successful digital marketing strategy that stays with the user. Design can help you present big ideas in an engaging and inspiring way, so that you don’t get lost in the crowd!

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We can turn your data into a story that is not only easy to understand, but beautifully presented, through infographics, eBooks, datasheets and more. We collaborate with you so that we can create something that fits with your brand, whilst standing out.  Our specialist expertise in designing clear, powerful, and engaging content that grabs the attention of any online audience will help to ensure that your message is communicated the right way.

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Video: Liberata & Jadu Collaboration at Pendle Council by Tweak2023-08-03T09:52:04+00:00
OpenDialog Santa’s New Helper Infographic2023-08-03T09:53:56+00:00
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OpenDialog 6 Conversational AI Benefits2023-08-03T09:57:49+00:00
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Video: Midlife, Menopause, Sex & Happiness with Rejuvage2023-08-07T10:28:42+00:00
Mews vaginal rejuvenation infographic2023-07-19T09:51:24+00:00


Creative Marketing encompasses a variety of things, including how to give your brand a personality, grabbing the attention of potential customer and delivering what your audience needs.
What don’t they do! As a Creative Marketing agency, we are here to design and develop every possible type of content that you require for any online platform that is sure to offer your audience an unforgettable experience.
A Creative Marketing agency has a specific focus on designing that doesn’t really involve any of the strategic, data-driven decision making that is required in a marketing agency. However, Tweak is 2 in 1! We offer all of the beautiful design services alongside in-depth research so that your brand isn’t just a pretty face.


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