Google Analytics is updating from Universal Analytics to GA4 in July 2023, and we need to get prepped!

Google analytics is a great tool to see how your website is performing and what your users are doing once they enter. With this information you are able to optimise your website for SEO, conversions and general user experience.

So, what will GA4 bring us?

Google GA4 will be centred around your audience’s mobile experience as statistics begin to shift from desktop usage (47%) to mobile (53%) [1]. The data provided will take the different ways of navigating on a smartphone into account, such as tapping and swiping, offering you up to date and key insight into your audience’s online behaviour.

In addition, with the cookieless future fast approaching, GA4 will be set up to show you accurate and important metrics that fill in potential data gaps that will come as a result of third-party cookies being removed.

What is different about GA4 compared to UA?

Here are some changes that you will experience in the transition from UA to GA4:

As GA4 will mainly display action and events-based data, making any behaviour off the site irrelevant. That’s why bounce rate has now become engagement rate. It’s really the same type of metric just reversed, so if you had a bounce rate of 69% it would be an engagement rate of 31%.

Unique pageviews are out, and although pageviews still remains it is slightly different. For one, it is now called ‘views’ and secondly, it will include the total number of app screens and pages a user saw.

When and why should you switch?

Well, the first reason why you should switch over to GA4 is because you don’t really have a choice, UA will officially retire on 1st July 2023. And although you still have a year, we would recommend that you make the transition as soon as possible because your data won’t migrate over. This means that, by setting up GA4 now you can start to build up important data, start tracking metrics, become familiar with the functionalities and start to build accurate predictive insights from the integrated machine learning feature.

GA4 Timeline

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