4 ways video content can create more engagement on your website!

We now live in a digital world where anything is simply one tap away, and because of this humans have an increasingly shortened attention span. Lengthy texts and too many words are simply becoming a thing of the past; that’s why using the medium of video is becoming the preferred option for marketers who have less time to catch their audiences’ attention. Studies also suggest that when a human brain views a video, it retains 95% of a message against 10% retention while reading [1]. Videos also have the power to evoke a much stronger emotion than text as it doesn’t just tell a story, but rather captures the whole picture via visual cues such as body language, eye contact and voice intonations. Now we have a better understanding as to why video is more engaging on a factual level, it is time to dive into how this can work to build more engagement on your website.

1.Video Marketing gains more social shares

Video is shared more than any other form of content across different platforms, which in turn increases visibility and engages potential consumers with your brand. One study demonstrates that videos have 1200% more social shares compared to texts and images and more visibility and brand reach equate to more conversions [2].

2. Videos enhance SEO

When readers spend more time on your site watching videos this signals to google that your website is valuable and as such increases your ranking. Higher rankings result in more organic traffic and traction to your website. If your sites have a mixture of not only text but also quality visuals like videos, that means your pages are as varied as they are informative – thus giving a boost to your SEO efforts. Further, studies show that 85% of marketers use video as a primary tool to boost SEO [3].

3. Videos increase the amount of time someone spends on your website

Videos take longer to watch meaning people spend more time on your site. Customers are far more likely to watch a video than they are to read a blog, meaning your bounce rate will improve dramatically. One key tip is to include sharing links to your videos to make it easy for your audience to re-share across their social media and amongst other potential customers.

4. People are more likely to backlink videos

Backlinks are a crucial component to ranking on Google SERPs and are the key to achieving results in conversions, visits and sales. So, gaining authoritative backlinks paired with quality content will help you to drive more engagement on your website.

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