Unprecedented. Uncertain. Strange. Crazy. We’ve heard these adjectives uttered numerous times in the media, in our households, and on Zoom calls with our colleagues and friends over the last few weeks to describe current times and the onset of Covid-19. With social-distancing and self-isolating, we know exactly what to do to help keep ourselves and our loved ones safe, but what about our businesses? Every organisation, without exception, faces new challenges at the moment. But how can we, as a digital marketing agency help your business to survive, or perhaps even prosper in the current environment?

Customer priorities are changing, and quickly. Are you keeping up?

Firstly, it’s important to note that each business is unique in terms of the services or products that it provides and indeed its outgoings and fall-back finances.  For some organisations during this pandemic, demand massively exceeds supply and it’s all about just doing what they can to get out stock as quickly as possible and placate waiting customers. For others, the opposite… business has all but dried up – fewer visitors are browsing the website, next-to-no leads are incoming and extreme measures within the business become ever-more-real. And not forgetting those that have been forced to shut down their businesses for the time being as their services demand physical contact. How can these organisations still support their customers using technology and online methods to ensure that they will return when this is all over? Because when things go back to normal, the fewer pieces to pick up, the better, right?

Does your business need to get a message out to your audience right now?

You have 40,000 toilet rolls in stock and you need to reach those that are Googling this, right now. Or perhaps the NHS (virtual clap) are frantically searching for the IT services that your business can offer, but they wouldn’t necessarily have already heard of your brand. These are examples whereby Google Paid Search, or PPC might work as a channel to reach your audience. We can research what your potential customers are searching for and the questions that they are asking and deliver a targeted and relevant campaign that very same day. You will start to receive website visitors – likely from those that may not have even heard of your brand or visited your website before – the next day. If this channel is used effectively, then the ROI can really work, and it’s a great short-term, quick fix solution. Google PPC works even better when used in tandem with a decent SEO strategy, but that’s a story for another day.

Are you fully informed on your competitors?

Do you know which services or products your competitors are pushing on at the moment? Are your competitors all using the same strategies to beat the crisis? We can help you to gather competitor insights using our specialist tools and help you devise an effective plan to outsmart the competition and gain competitive advantage. We can provide details on whether they are advertising and which products, where they have gained visibility organically in Google, and the effect that it’s having on their web traffic. We can also monitor the content that they are putting out and the new backlinks that they have acquired as a result. Competitive research is always important, but in the current environment, it’s vital.

Are you communicating openly with your audience?

Are you finding it difficult to offer the same variety of stock that you were offering pre-pandemic due to supply chain issues? Are you having technical issues with Zoom during the online workout class that you are running? Are you being open and honest with your customers about the challenges that you are facing, whatever they may be? ‘We’re all in this together’ has a lot of truth in a professional environment, as well as a personal one and using your website and social media to talk about how you are trying to overcome issues is really important. Now, more than ever, you will attract customers’ empathy if you are open and honest. Please also do share positive news, your audience needs to hear it! Identify and celebrate the success that’s already there, repost interesting articles and post the hell out of your team Zoom meetings in silly hats. If you need ideas on how to educate, inform and engage your audience or you lack the resource in-house to manage Social Media, we can help.

Do you need general help with where to go next?

By implementing a targeted and effective digital marketing strategy you can get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. Attract and convert more visitor traffic by getting higher on Google rankings, ensuring that you are still making data-driven decisions with your marketing.

We can offer you a one hour consultation, completely free, no strings attached. Of course we’d love you to come on board as a retainer client, that goes without saying! But we also understand if you just need a helping hand at the moment and we’re happy to help you with general insights and recommendations on your website, social media and your competitors as well as give you our opinion on what we think your company should be doing right now.

Please email us on hello@tweakuk.com and we’ll get in touch asap!