The powerful bond between this mother and daughter is fuelling a new approach to brand communication.  Louise, founder of Tweak Marketing and Meg, the visionary force behind The Foundry Films, embark on a transformative partnership born out of a shared love for creativity, cinema and adventure.

A shared belief that businesses can be just as imaginative and artistically shot as cinema. With a rich history of innovation, Louise has spent over a decade curating bespoke digital marketing solutions with her clients. Meanwhile, Meg’s upbringing amidst the vibrancy and creativity of a farm setting instilled in her a profound appreciation for diverse campaigns, from captivating photoshoots to ground breaking websites.

Meg, who graduated with a First in Film from Edinburgh University, took her cinematic prowess to new heights by founding The Foundry Films. The company’s mission, rooted in unveiling real stories from unique perspectives, masterfully engages audiences, revealing the compelling essence of each business and its vital role within the community.

“Our shared vision and unwavering passion drives us to craft narratives that break barriers and shatter expectations,” affirms Louise and Meg in unison.

This partnership is a fusion of creative film making and digital marketing. Working together to strengthen the social storytelling of clients in a range of sectors to create a personal bond.

Our first joint creative project together was driven by an imaginative teenage meg, who hosted a festival in our fields to raise funds for a charity trip to Cambodia. Headley Heavy Hoon 2015, was a huge success, grid locking local roads with hundreds of teenagers and bands like ‘Black Waters, who were playing at Reading that year!

These mother-daughter experiences and shared imagination, spans a huge range of projects, including anything from campaigns to a photo series.

Inspired by other mother and daughter creative duos like Toni&Guy, the local coffee shop just around the corner, Georgia May Jagger and Jerry Hall, as well as the iconic Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, and Lynn and Jessica Ball.