In this new world it is vital to move with the times or be left behind, and now more than ever we should be looking at how we are marketing ourselves to the digital world. With ecommerce reaching levels that were not expected until 2025, ensuring that your website and overall branding is positioned correctly is a must!

Our client A & J & Moriss & Sons underwent a rebranding and complete redesign of their website to suit the current climate. The way funerals are arranged and organised has changed, therefore so did their website. Our focus was enhancing user experience, updating and developing relevant keywords, and ensuring mobile optimisation.

Within the first week alone the client reported an increase in new enquiries!

Here is a more a detailed insight into how we helped towards achieving these results:

  1. Call to Action

Rounding off all edges on all CTA buttons to soften the call to action, making the site more approachable and friendly.

  1. User Experience

All key pages are clearly labelled in the navigation bar and click through to other pages or the contact page, simplifying the user journey. In addition, all copy has been reorganised making it more engaging and less overwhelming for users to follow.

  1. Imagery

Improved imagery and making images more approachable, modern and personable, whilst also ensuring images aren’t pixilated.

  1. Typography

Using modern typography for headings and body copy, with the occasional use of hand-written style typeface to breakup bodies text, creating a well-balanced and functional webpage.

  1. Iconography

Including icons for users to easily identify and scanned through services.  Also, creating a clear and interesting page to aid navigation.

  1. Colour

Adding purple accents to the colour palette to modernise the brand and to add a more ‘gentle’ /’ delicate’ feel to the overall website. The use of the bold turquoise colour helps to draw attention to important call to actions on the webpage.

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