We all know the phrase content is king; the challenge is knowing what type of content to create and how to get started. At Kraft Foods they said their content marketing got four times better ROI than their ads. So how do you achieve this?

1. Content Quality, Not Quantity

Don’t make the mistake of going just for vast quantities of content, as it will not get used and the quality will be compromised. Focus on producing quality content that shares new insights and facts. Use your resources to gather new research/insights to make your content easy to digest.

2. Repurpose and Customise Content By Channel

Adapt content into blogs, infographics, GIFs and videos. Make videos into blogs, and so on. This is a cost and time-effective way of producing more valuable content that is tailored to maximise the impact of each channel.

3. Put The Consumer First

Consider the needs of your consumer. Use intelligent insights to ensure your content is targeting the queries your customers are searching for and ensure you fully answer the consumer question. Value lies with creating very customer focused content; this will attract more online and social traffic for your services.

4. Email and Web Marketing Gives The Best ROI

Focus on what gives the best ROI. Start by promoting new, valuable content through email, linking through to a customised landing page with shareable content and a strong CTA.

5. Target Your Niche

There’s much less competition for more specific subjects. Target your niche. It’s difficult to compete with the most popular keyword terms. Develop content that includes longer tail keywords, which are much easier to rank for and attract better quality sales leads.

6. The Content Lifecycle

Remember to map and create content to support each stage of the customer lifecycle, awareness/attract – interest/desire – purchase/action – trust/advocacy. Adjust the depth and TOV of content to support customers as they move through the stages.

Strong content is the foundation of marketing. With a few simple steps you can increase the quality of your content, which in turn will lead to a higher ROI.