You have a website, it looks beautiful, and you think it may be doing something for your business. But do you really know what’s going on and where you can make ongoing improvements? If you are going to shell out for a new website it’s important to optimise as much as possible. That way you will attract the maximum number of relevant visitors who are most likely to take a valuable action on your website such as buy your product or enquire about your service.

Here are 4 possible scenarios that could be happening on your website:

1. You aren’t getting many visitors

It’s such a shame when you’ve had an all-singing, all-dancing website designed and built but none of your potential customers are visiting. On launch day, it’s important to share your website far and wide with your customers, prospects, on your social media and with relevant publications. But once the initial launch period is done, how can you continue to attract traffic? Perhaps you need some guidance with marketing strategy to attract visitors who might come to you directly, from search engines, from social media or from other websites that have referred traffic to you via a backlink. For organic traffic it’s important to understand how people are searching in relation to the product or service you provide so that you can respond with content accordingly.

2. You don’t know if you are getting traffic to your site or what it’s doing

In order to maximise the benefits from your website it’s important to view and understand the stats on a regular basis. This can be done mainly using Google Analytics and we suggest that you keep on top of this be setting up a weekly dashboard that is automatically emailed to your inbox. On a monthly basis it’s good to explore your visitors, (or perhaps lack thereof) in more detail. You can see how many you have, which pages they are most interested in and where they came from as well as how many of them are taking valuable actions on your website, or converting.

3. You know you are getting traffic but you aren’t getting sales or enquiries

It may be necessary to analyse your site and understand whether it is optimised with the user in mind. Is your site taking too long to load, are the call to actions not very visible, is the journey around your site not intuitive? are you not providing enough opportunities to enquire/buy your product? Is there a problem with your enquiry form or booking system/sales system? If User Experience isn’t a problem, it may be that the traffic that is coming to your website is showing characteristics of not being qualified or relevant. If, for example your visitors are spending little time on site and only viewing one page, they may be useless traffic. If this is the case, we can put together a plan to acquire more relevant traffic.

4. You are getting enquiries and sales but you don’t know where they are coming from

It’s much easier to distribute and allocate your marketing spend if you understand what’s happening on site. If all your conversions on site are coming from Paid Search then you may wish to plough more budget into this channel instead of trying to acquire more backlinks, for example. We can look into your analytics and ensure you are tracking conversions effectively. We will let you know what is happening so you have a better idea of where to dedicate your budget and resource in future.

If you need help or assistance with any of the above scenarios, please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling +44(0)1372 602615